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The Failure of Credit Card Companies

Sunday, September 28th, 2014 | Permalink

There is no easy way to live life when you are carrying the burden of debt on your shoulders. I know what it’s like to have enough debt that the phone calls never seem to stop and the stress of not being able to pay it back is overwhelming to the point of driving a person to depression. I felt like I was lost. I didn’t know what to do – I just wasn’t making enough to be able to pay it off in a timely fashion. I hadn’t even heard of debt consolidation until a friend of mine suggested it as an alternative.

I was concerned that I wouldn’t even be able to get approved for the consolidation but after speaking with an agent, I was surprised by how welcoming and eager they were for my business. I suppose it makes sense – they want their money, after all! It was far easier working through them as a third party than it had been working with the companies directly. They were often rude whenever I would call them, demanding money or claiming that I was actually hiding money from them and even going as far to say that my words were a lie.

It was absurd at best and obscene at worst. I couldn’t believe that the companies I owed money to would be so rude while the consolidation company was so nice and eager to work with me. If the original credit companies had been more willing and open to hearing me out, and even going as far to help me make some kind of payment plan, I would have been able to pay them back far more quickly! It’s ridiculous to think that they would call anyone a liar while trying to get money from that person.

The Optimal Amount of Time We Possess

Thursday, September 25th, 2014 | Permalink

Financial gain is something that my father always stressed. He taught me the value of my time investment and how much money I should make with that time. He taught me that there exists an optimal time frame in which a person will be able to make money and that I should strive to save enough to be able to retire within that allotted time that a person has. Everything from Forex trading to investments in precious resources, my father had his hands in nearly everything so he would be able to retire just as he said he would.

I was impressed. Even now knowing that he was able to accomplish that within the time that he had set for himself was impressive to say the least. (more…)

We Wanted to Move from the City

Saturday, June 14th, 2014 | Permalink

I knew that I wanted to move out of the city, but I was not sure how to make that a possibility until I discovered USDA loans. I knew that I did not make enough money to get a traditional loan. Even though I am able to pay all of my bills every month and have excellent credit, I still fell below the normal guidelines for income. When a friend suggested that I look into a USDA loan though, I realized that I could make this a reality instead of just a dream.

I was able to watch a video at a site that had all of the details about one of these loans, and I knew it would be perfect for us.

Making a Profit in Miami

Friday, May 9th, 2014 | Permalink

Over the past year, I’ve been on a slow conquest of the luxury real estate market of the southern United States. It’s pretty funny because there was a time when I had no interest in real estate. I didn’t care about buying homes and selling them to other people for profit. I eventually got turned on to the idea after watching a television show about real estate. Since then, I’ve been buying and selling real estate in different southern States, and lately, I’ve started buy miami luxury homes. (more…)

We Were Able to Get a Home Loan

Saturday, February 15th, 2014 | Permalink

USDA Rural Development - Home LoansMy husband and I have been wanting to buy a house for years. We never thought we could afford it though because we knew there was no way we could come up with the down payment on one on our own. When a friend and her husband bought a house because of usda loans, she gave me the website so I could get information for us too. I realized that our dreams were a lot easier to reach because of this type of loan, and we started looking for a house in the approved areas in our region.

We thought that the only way to get 100 percent financing was if you had a perfect credit score.

Building a Model of Success

Friday, February 14th, 2014 | Permalink Factoring 101, top 5 reason to factor invoices to ...Starting your own business can be both incredibly rewarding and genuinely complex. Our family has been in the shipping industry for the past ten years and we have experienced both the highs and lows that come with starting any new business. It is a careful, tedious process that often relies on as much skill and smart investing as it does sheer luck. The first few months saw our business going into a serious down turn, forcing us to look for factoring companies in the uk, as much of our shipping depots were spread out through the United Kingdom. Relying on this service can be a boon for struggling companies who are hoping to have more liquid funds to utilize.

Spent the Day Looking for a Good Anniversary Present

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 | Permalink

Spent the day looking for a good anniversary present. It is not a really big anniversary, but something that I happen to remember by happenstance and of course this is the sort of thing that will score big points with Anna. Perhaps it will be remembered when I inevitably screw up something else. This is a year since our first date, or nearly so at least. I only remember because I bought something at the same time and just got a notice that the warranty was about to expire. So I spent this morning doing some secret shopping on my tablet, trying to find something appropriate that would fit in my budget. I am thinking that it needs to be something like a good valentines’ day gift, that is coming up rather soon as well and so I need to get something that will not really make my Valentines’ Day gift look too bad. (more…)

Are You in Need of a Merchant Account?

Friday, January 31st, 2014 | Permalink

High Risk Merchant Account | High risk credit card processing ... Are you in need of a merchant account for your pharmacy? Well this can be a difficult thing to get. This article will explain why it is hard to get a pharmacy merchant account and what you should be looking for when you get one. So stay tuned and read below.

It can be very difficult to get a merchant account for a pharmacy. This is because the companies who provide merchant account services see online pharmacy owners as high risk. Another reason it can be difficult is that being based in the United States of America is because the merchant accounts are not of American origin.

Staying out of Bankruptcy Court

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013 | Permalink

I have a very important job, I am the person that goes into corporations and looks into their financial records to determine whether or not they can stay out of bankruptcy court. I knew that it was going to be hard to help some of these large companies after I heard that they were already using a debt review service before I was hired to go in. If they were using a review service, that meant that they were going to go in and look at different ways that the companies could cut corners and actually save some money, even if that meant laying people off. I like to try to help by saving as many jobs as I can but I have no idea whether or not I could help them at all.

Preparing for Changes in the Financial Markets

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 | Permalink

We live in a society where financially everything is in a state of flux. There are no guarantees. For this reason people are doing whatever they can to diversify their financial portfolio. guerilla stock trading has become extremely popular. As people learn about the opportunities that are available to them, they try to do whatever they can to see to it that they have as many sources of income coming in to them as possible.

This is a relatively new mentality for the vast majority of people. There was a time where an individual would get a job, they would work at their job for 30 or 40 years. After doing this they would retire, and were happy to live off of the retirement money that they made. (more…)