Cheap Interest on Cash Loans

I need to get new siding on my house and I do not have the money in my bank account to be able to pay it. I found a guy that will do it for a good price, but it turns out that cash is the only form of payment that he accepts. That is kind of weird that he does not accept other forms of payment, but I need to try to look into cash loans if I am going to be able to pay the guy.

He is a friend of one my friends, and so that is how I got into contact with him. That is probably also the reason why he is going to give me a pretty good price on doing the work. I am not sure how much more expensive it would be to go through someone else, but I do know that it would be significantly more expensive if I went through someone else, so I want to try to figure out how to get this money to pay him what he is going to charge me.

It would be nice if he would do an installment plan with me, so that I could pay him some of the money now and then pay the rest off in the next couple of months. That way, I would not have to take out such a large loan to be able to pay him, and the rest of the payments I could just make from my paychecks from work. But I do not have hardly any money in the bank right now, and that is the main reason why I need to be able to get a loan to pay the guy. I hope it works out because the house really needs new siding on it.