Grandma Trades Like a Spring Chicken

My grandmother is the kind of person who wants to be on the forefront of cool. She’s in her 70s, but she still tries to act like a young person and do all of the things that a modern day person would do. She uses slang that the young kids use, she listens to all of the latest songs and can even remember the lyrics to them all, and she even downloads a lot of apps on her phone. Most of them are games and social media apps, but she also has the Bitcoin Era for trading bitcoin.

I have no idea where my grandmother learned how to trade bitcoin, but she’s pretty good at it. That’s one area where she’s able to outperform me, despite being older. I haven’t quite been able to get the hang of bitcoin trading yet. My grandmother showed me how to do it, but I haven’t been able to make a profit. Every time I buy or sell, I always end up losing money while my grandmother does nothing but gain money. I must have some kind of bad luck curse that keeps me from profiting.

Traveling to new places is something that my grandmother does often. She always brings me back a present from her travels. She’s been doing it so much because of the money that she’s gotten from trading. She prefers to travel by herself so she can have a chance to truly soak in all of her destination. Her last trip was to Scotland and she bought me an authentic Scottish bagpipe. I have no idea how to play the thing, so whenever I blow into it, I get a sound that is similar to a dying cat. Maybe my grandmother can figure it out, if she can take some time away from trading.