I Have Been Living with Some Smart People

Of course I am pretty nearly broke all of the time and I have been ever since I got to college. I work the jobs that can be done around my schedule and it pays just enough to keep me above water. At any rate I lucked out when I found a girl that would let me stay in her room. She has a room in this enormous house, it used to be a sorority that behaved poorly and was kicked off campus. I soon realized that I was the least smart person after a bitcoin evolution conversation. It took me a good while to even grasp what they were talking about and they were all deadly serious about it. Apparently they had been mining the stuff, which I can not really explain since I do not understand it. They were not really happy with the ethics of this, because you burn up the world doing this it would seem. However they were intensely pleased with how well their algorithm was working and the fact that they had made a fair sum of money.

In fact they seemed to be a lot more welcoming to me because of this. It was a shock to me to learn that Linda was the primary architect of the scheme and if she had not been, then the others would have expected me to pay my share. However they also learned that I can cook a lot better than any of them and so they buy the food and expect me to make them so many meals each week in return for the right to stay with my girlfriend. Now I keep thinking that a smarter man would figure out how to make her his wife, but I get the feeling she might laugh at me.