Saving Money for a Trip

I always wanted to go to Europe. Not sure where yet but I want to visit that area because of all the rich history and culture that goes on in that side of the world. The thing is I needed to save money. Lots of it! So I started hoarding my cents here and there to start off. Eventually, I decided I had to get more realistic and put more money into the account if I wanted to take my trip to Europe while I was still young.

I decided if bookkeeping in Bristol would be a good choice to start off my trip. Or should I go to London first and then work my way around the country? Of course, if I go to England that means I need another plane just to get out of that place to visit the rest of Europe. That means I needed a lot more money than I first planned in the beginning. I was hoping two thousand would be enough but in this case it seems I might need a lot more than that.

So I decided that every paycheck I would save at least a minimum of $100 so I can get to my goal faster. It will still take me some time but I figured if I can go to Europe around my 30’s or 40’s I would be still young enough to move around the area and take in the rich history of this continent.

It has been tough saving that money though. Once in a while, I break and I spend some of that money on useless items. I need to get more self control. In the end I decided I should put my amount of money I did have saved up into a CD account that way I would not be able to touch it!

Hopefully, once I get all the money put together I will get that Europe vacation I so want and see all the sights!