Spent the Day Looking for a Good Anniversary Present

Spent the day looking for a good anniversary present. It is not a really big anniversary, but something that I happen to remember by happenstance and of course this is the sort of thing that will score big points with Anna. Perhaps it will be remembered when I inevitably screw up something else. This is a year since our first date, or nearly so at least. I only remember because I bought something at the same time and just got a notice that the warranty was about to expire. So I spent this morning doing some secret shopping on my tablet, trying to find something appropriate that would fit in my budget. I am thinking that it needs to be something like a good valentines’ day gift, that is coming up rather soon as well and so I need to get something that will not really make my Valentines’ Day gift look too bad. I was thinking that perhaps I would get a jewelry set, like a necklace and a set of earrings, but give her one of them now and the other later.

That might seem a bit like cheating though, as though I was being a lazy. As for what to do I am not really sure. I think just remembering the day is going to count for something, but perhaps I should take her out for some dinner at a nice place, perhaps some dancing and perhaps a nice bottle of wine as well. It is not as though there is some sort of hard and fast rule for this sort of thing. I would try to replicate our first date, but that was not so great really. I took her to one of those date movies and it turned out to be painfully bad, so we walked out.