Stock Information and Investing Help

I would like to learn how to invest my money and do so in a smart way, where I will be likely to make some money with my money, as opposed to losing money. I have been watching the market a bit lately, and it seems like a kind of scary time to start trying to buy and sell stocks. But it is something that I want to do and so I am going to read some more information about it. I know that there is so much to learn when it comes to the stock market, that I doubt I will ever feel like a true expert in the matter.

But I have a lot of money that is just sitting in my bank account, and it would be of better use if it were invested in something. I am not sure what would be my best bet though. I have seen that the price of gold has gone down a bit, which is pretty odd. Usually, it just keeps going up and up. I am not sure why its price has fallen, but it is kind of intriguing. I am not sure if that would be my best bet, or if I would be better suited to look for something else to put money in.

I might have to hire an advisor to help me get started with this. I am not sure if I really want to do that, but it would be better to pay an advisor than it would be to risk losing money. I am sure that there is some risk in playing the market, regardless of how you do it. So I will have to just accept some risk, because there is no way around it. I need to think about this some more before I make any decisions.