The Failure of Credit Card Companies

There is no easy way to live life when you are carrying the burden of debt on your shoulders. I know what it’s like to have enough debt that the phone calls never seem to stop and the stress of not being able to pay it back is overwhelming to the point of driving a person to depression. I felt like I was lost. I didn’t know what to do – I just wasn’t making enough to be able to pay it off in a timely fashion. I hadn’t even heard of debt consolidation until a friend of mine suggested it as an alternative.

I was concerned that I wouldn’t even be able to get approved for the consolidation but after speaking with an agent, I was surprised by how welcoming and eager they were for my business. I suppose it makes sense – they want their money, after all! It was far easier working through them as a third party than it had been working with the companies directly. They were often rude whenever I would call them, demanding money or claiming that I was actually hiding money from them and even going as far to say that my words were a lie.

It was absurd at best and obscene at worst. I couldn’t believe that the companies I owed money to would be so rude while the consolidation company was so nice and eager to work with me. If the original credit companies had been more willing and open to hearing me out, and even going as far to help me make some kind of payment plan, I would have been able to pay them back far more quickly! It’s ridiculous to think that they would call anyone a liar while trying to get money from that person.