The Optimal Amount of Time We Possess

Financial gain is something that my father always stressed. He taught me the value of my time investment and how much money I should make with that time. He taught me that there exists an optimal time frame in which a person will be able to make money and that I should strive to save enough to be able to retire within that allotted time that a person has. Everything from Forex trading to investments in precious resources, my father had his hands in nearly everything so he would be able to retire just as he said he would.

I was impressed. Even now knowing that he was able to accomplish that within the time that he had set for himself was impressive to say the least. I look at everything that he has done and the focus that he had, the drive to reach his goal and I realize that I am seriously lacking in that level of commitment. Is that a bad thing? I’d like to think it’s not but my father was right about one thing; there does exist an optimal amount of time in which a person is able to make money without having to struggle for it.

I don’t know if I will be able to retire by the time I’m 40 like he was able to. I haven’t done any significant kind of investing. I lack his unique mathematical skills which have allowed him to enjoy the fruits of being able to invest as freely and as aggressively as he has been able to do. Maybe I will have to work longer than he did but I like to think that I will be able to come out ahead in my own way; if not financially rich, at least rich as a person and emotionally.