The Passion of Running a Web Based Business

Are you passionate about your business? People can sense when your passion is driving you. Women are shaping the small business industry by developing entirely new methods and models, such as those found with I Am A Sheeo. They can also sense when desperation is driving you.For years my only real goal when working was to make sure I had enough money to pay the bills, vacation when I wanted to and to retire. I had no passion for my work and that realization was a big reason I left the corporate environment to start my own business. It was not enough just to make money, I wanted to do something that made me feel good, that tapped into my soul.

I had to find a way to balance money and my passion for my business. I wanted a business that would be a project over the year that would help me find fulfillment in everything that I did, even when I failed. Coming to terms that I would, to some degree, be forced to gauge the success of this business through its inherent monetary value was difficult. Money for young businesses is always tight. Sadly, too many business owners spend money trying to look like they are in business, rather than spending to grow the business. One question to always ask before spending money is if a business has not needed it before now, does the business really need it? If the answer is yes, the next question is will it directly make the business more money. There is something to be said for the business that only needs a cell phone and a business card to exist. When you find your product to sell online the next best thing to do is setup a website for it. Once you do that you can then SEO your website for your products popular keywords, and quickly become listed in the search engines since there will be little or no competition to compete with.