These Guys at Work Are Acting Foolish

I guess we are due for some drama at the office, since there has not really been any since Mr. Lee’s wife found out that he was running around with a girl from accounting. That involved a whole lot of drama, his wife was chasing him around with an old hardwood cane and she eventually clubbed him in the head and back. In fact this is not something I could really fault a man for. A few weeks back we got a temporary company secretary for Singapore in the office. She was really attractive and she had a really flirtatious personality. I was sure that she was hot for me until I realized that this was just the way that she was. Of course it was all tease, but that was not the way that everyone took it. She never had any interest in any of the guys who thought that she was flirting with them. Well she was flirting with them, but it did not really mean anything to her.

At any rate there is one guy from sales and another from human resources and the two of them have decided that they hate one another so badly that they can not stand to be near each other. The girl caused it, but she is gone. The people who make those decisions did not really ever know about this other stuff, they just did not need an extra person any longer and so they sent her back. She did not really do anything, although I am thinking that if a man had done the same things he would probably be in a bit of trouble. Of course men love it when women show them that sort of attention, I felt like I was ten feet tall when she was flirting with me.